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Banned Sportfishing??

Updated: May 27, 2022

To be honest, I have never considered the idea that sportfishing would ever be completely illegal.… until I saw this article from MeatEater. Sportfishing will be banned in the country of Colombia starting in the next year. I think Maggie Hudlow did a fantastic job writing this article for MeatEater, and I hope that the people of Colombia get things figured out.

Shannon with a Des Moines River white bass

I also appreciate that our Department of Natural Resources here in Iowa are quite the opposite- they encourage people to get outside and fish! Fishing is a great way to educate and inform people of the value of ecological systems. Clean water, healthy animal populations, and a pristine landscape all become obvious priorities when you want to have enjoyable experiences in the outdoors.

Click here for the Iowa DNR's Fishing Report (5/27/2022)

Saylorville/Big Creek: Crappie have begun to suspend off shore.

Local Ponds: Get to them before the weeds get too thick!

Des Moines River: Varied flows lately; expect a little bump over the next few days after the rain earlier in the week.

-Flow (below Saylorville): 5240 cfs

-Flow (below Red Rock): 9350 cfs

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