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Fly Fish IOWA: 2022 Season Recap

2022 was full of good times- lots of laughs, lots of fish, and lots of learning on the water.

We saw anglers learn more about fly fishing, catch their first fish on the fly, catch their first fish on flies they tied themselves, and use fly fishing trips in Iowa as preparation for trips to other parts of the country.

There was some great species variety in the fish we caught in 2022, including common carp, bigmouth and smallmouth buffalo, walleye, quillback, largemouth and smallmouth bass, freshwater drum, channel catfish, black and white crappie, other panfish.

In 2023, we are hoping to continue to see success in educating those who are new to fly fishing. We want people to understand the importance of clean water, conservation, and taking care of the natural areas that we have around us.

To all who were involved in the 2022 Fly Fish Iowa season, thank you for your support!

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