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Look at that Forecast! Early season fly fishing

Saylorville/Big Creek: Frozen

Local Ponds: Some open, some partially open

Des Moines River: Open water below Saylorville and Red Rock; most of the river should be open water soon.

-Flow (below Saylorville): 1620 cfs

-Flow (below Red Rock): 5680 cfs

Source: - Ankeny, IA

With warm days in the forecast next week, water temps should be on the rise -

which means you should be on the water!

Dawson with an early season common carp on the fly (2014 photo)

Early season fly fishing can be sporadic; cold air and water temperatures usually means that fish are still pretty lethargic. However, ice-out fishing can be surprisingly good depending on your quarry. I've heard reports of some great ice-out fishing for bluegill and crappie in local ponds in years past. Fishing for toothy critters right at ice out can be great as well.

Hopefully we will have a positive report for you next week!

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